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"If you smile at someone and they frown back, just shrug it off. You can't control somebody else's happiness but you can control you own." ~ Melanie Toye
"Dressing in something you love, will start your day off well but it's up to you to keep your attitude in tune with how you want to feel." ~ Melanie Toye
"it's important to challenge and upskill yourself. What is something you feel an expert in? This is your starting place to find your next challenge." ~ Melanie Toye
"Children are great, because they make you do child-like activities that rekindle with your own inner soul. Even if you don't have kids, do some arts and craft or go for a walk and explore and stop and see all the little elements that make magical moments, magic." ~ Melanie Toye
"It's important to take time out to review everything you put into your body. If you can give yourself the best body in the world, then why not give it to yourself?" ~ Melanie Toye
"Be brave. Got an idea to improve your life. Go for it. Don't go in slowly, jump right in. It will be the most scariest, amazing moment that will make you wonder why you never tried it sooner." ~ Melanie Toye
"Focus on those who bring you light. But don't rely on it. You create your own light in the world." ~ Melanie Toye
"Your own children want to spend time with you. They don't care if it costs nothing. As long as you are with them, is all they care about. Spend time with your children to not only bring joy to your life but to bring joy to theirs as well." ~ Melanie Toye
"Do something for yourself. Go with a friend. Laugh. Have fun. Leave any guilt of doing something for you out the door." ~ Melanie Toye
"If you were not happy, you would do whatever you could do to bring yourself back to your state of happiness. Don't let someone else's thoughts of your life, change how you think of it. You are amazing in every way." ~ Melanie Toye
"Love. Love who you are. Love how you look. Love everything about yourself. As you were born into your life, so embrace everything about you, because you are a miracle in this world." ~ Melanie Toye
"Love your failures and your life's obstacles. It's taught you something. It has helped you grow. With healing and love you give to yourself, you will find freedom." ~ Melanie Toye
"Leave fear and judgement out the door. Don't let it come near you. Then go and create the life experience you want to have." ~ Melanie Toye
"When you start to judge a stranger, be kind instead and know that you don't know what they have been through to be standing there today." ~ Melanie Toye