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Showing posts from September, 2016
"Make time to be outdoors every day, not near the hustle bustle of roads, but where the trees stand tall, the grass is green and the birds sing and you will find joy and inner peace." ~ Melanie Toye
"If you don't want to do something, don't think there is one way out and feel defeated that you can't do it. Know there are many options available to you, always." ~ Melanie Toye
"When the sun shines, let your heart shine too." ~ Melanie Toye
"If you let go of what's pulling you down, you will start to see your immediate reality." ~ Melanie Toye
"If you should do one thing in your day to bring happiness into your life, wear colour." ~ Melanie Toye
"When ever I think of quotes I always think of the one ... 'life is like a box of chocolates...' and then I remember I don't eat chocolate." ~ Melanie Toye
"Sometimes we are sent a distraction from the bad stuff to remind us there is good vibes all around us." ~ Melanie Toye
"People will have their own opinion of your worth and you will always be under their own opinion of themselves. Take this in confidence that you are amazing and worthy and don't need to limit yourself to others' opinions." ~ Melanie Toye
"If I want to feel happy, then I have to do things that make me not just smile, but laugh out loud." ~ Melanie Toye