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Showing posts from August, 2016
When you wake up and you see the sun has risen, you know whatever happens, tomorrow, you can wake up and know the sun will be shining tomorrow. ~ Melanie Toye
Friends can make all the difference. Invite friends into your life because they will make it brighter. ~ Melanie Toye
What is your destiny? Why not define your own life and really live it? ~ Melanie Toye
Some days, are not always good days. This is okay. Accept it for what it was and know tomorrow will be better. ~ meltoye
Be out in the sunshine and experience it's amazing natural powers, but wear a hat. ~ Melanie Toye
Love is precious, no matter how old it is. ~ Melanie Toye
It's nice to be busy but it's also nice to be still. ~ Melanie Toye
If you have ever danced ballet and let go of all thoughts of the steps, technique and just danced freely to the music, you would know how feeling free feels. ~ Melanie Toye
I wonder how the world would be, if we looked at it from a point of view that it was magic. ~ Melanie Toye