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It's okay to feel unbalanced. Being unbalanced in life reminds us what we need to drop to get back to our middle ground. What do you need to drop to return to your inner balance? ~ Melanie Toye
"Tell me this, if you hated one part of your life, whether it be your career, relationship etc., would you work on making it better or would you just continue to whinge about it?" ~ Melanie Toye
If you were re-incarnated, how would you want to live in your second life? Instead of thinking about a new life, focus on the one you've got and know you are the master of it. ~ Melanie Toye
I sometimes wonder, why do I want the rest of the world to know who I am? And then I remember, so I can show them the light. ~ Melanie Toye
It really is about the journey so stop stressing about the future and focus on now, because now is what we have. ~ Melanie Toye
Sometimes, you should wake up and instead of seeing all the bad in the world, find one good thing that will make you feel good inside. ~ Melanie Toye