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Showing posts from June, 2016
Don't stop doing what you love, even if it never makes you any money. Just do it because you love it. ~ Melanie Toye
Tell me once, but don't tell me twice that is just annoying. ~ Melanie Toye
Life is a wonder, I wonder what I will be having for dinner? ~ Melanie Toye
Imagining, is the context to living. ~ Melanie Toye
Strange is life, so why be ordinary? ~ Melanie Toye
Quarrels in love make your relationship stronger. Don't be afraid to fight, just remember to make up afterwards. ~ Melanie Toye
This morning I look at you and wish I could go back to bed. ~ Melanie Toye
The sun pours through my windows and I wish I had the energy to close the curtains. ~ Melanie Toye
Today is a new day because today I get to say hello to you. ~ Melanie Toye.