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"With time off, comes reflection. Use your time to feel inspired and excited for the coming New Year." ~ Melanie Toye
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"Let the stress of your days fall and smile. For this is what Christmas is a celebration of rest and love." ~ Melanie Toye
"The sun is shining. Go outside and heal your soul." ~ Melanie Toye
"Over Christmas, treat people with respect but don't be pushed into or feel guilty to do something or go somewhere that you don't want to. This is your Christmas too and it's okay to enjoy it." ~ Melanie Toye
"Sleep is really important. If you're not getting enough rest then try a different location." ~ Melanie Toye
"You don't have to agree with what everyone says. Sometimes, they just aren't where you are." ~ Melanie Toye
"Stop feeling guilty for your own happiness." ~ Melanie Toye
"Remember what used to make you smile? Do that." ~ Melanie Toye
"Music can help heal. Make time to play the right type of music to help you heal." ~ Melanie Toye
"When you want to avoid silence, play music." ~ Melanie Toye
"Lemons are sweet if you team them up with something else. Sometimes in your sour situation you need to find something to go with it, to change the result." ~ Melanie Toye
"Tell your story the way you see it. You will gain greater understanding." ~ Melanie Toye
"Life doesn't start at a certain age, it's starts when you realise you're ready for the adventure to begin." ~ Melanie Toye
"The statement is true, you can do anything, be anything and achieve great success ... you first need to work out what that is." ~ Melanie Toye
"Paint your world with happiness lenses." ~ Melanie Toye
"Life starts with one first step, waking up." ~ Melanie Toye
"It's okay to not know the details." ~ Melanie Toye
"Our self-worth is everything. The more you apologise for your space the more you lose the potential of greatness." ~ Melanie Toye
"It's okay to love and get swept up in the romance. Don't shy away from it, its one of life's pleasures." ~ Melanie Toye
"It's good to watch others flourish because you will be uplifted to rekindle a path you loved." ~ Melanie Toye